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ADULT COMMUNITY LEARNING - Expand Your Mind, Change Your World

Our Adult Community Learning programme offers a range of creative learning opportunities across arts, crafts and digital technologies. The courses are short in length and ideal for people who have no experience of adult learning or for those who wish to return to learning. 


Continued learning as an adult has an impact on many areas of life. ... Learning new skills and interests has huge benefits. The acquisition of new hobbies, skills and personal development interests lead to increased confidence, reduced loneliness, improved health and mental health and overall happiness.  

Community Learning is the cornerstone of adult learning. Without it, many adults – including some of our hardest to reach, vulnerable or isolated residents – that access it every year, would not progress into further learning and work or be able to cope with what life throws at them.

This year, for academic year 2021-22, we have introduced our Creative Skills Passport. The passport records progress in skills, knowledge development and achievement for each learner who wishes to participate. Achievement is measured at 3 levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold and provides evidence of progression for individual learners. 

If you would like to chat through any of our courses, then please do contact us via the contact form, by telephone or email. We would love to explore with you what might be a perfect start to igniting your creativity.

Please click on each of the buttons below to find out more information about our individual courses.

"I have really enjoyed doing the adult learning courses. I have learned different skills from needle felting, to rope crafts, wood crafts and decoupage. I have mental health issues and these courses have really made such a positive difference. The courses are great and they help with anxiety, you meet new people and learn new skills"

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At A Glance Bi-Monthly Course Lists

June 2024 .jpg
July 2024 .jpg

We do try to set our course dates as early, to give you as much notice as possible. We always provide our 'At A Glance' timetable so you are able to see the adult courses we have planned for the 2 months ahead.

If you see something you would like to have a go at, then click on the squares below to find out more information. If you are still unsure, then please give us a call and we can chat through what you might like to do and what we have to offer. We are a friendly team and absolutely love chatting to folks, so please do get in touch.

To book your place, please let us know which course you are interested in via email or telephone and we will check place availability for you. We will confirm via email your course booking.

If you would like to enquire about any of our courses please do so via email or telephone.


Tel: 01709 523107

Creative Courses

2D Needle Felting

2D Needle Felting.jpg
3D Needle Felting.jpg

3D Needle Felting

Build a Bird Box.jpg

Build a Bird Box

Build a Bug Hotel.jpg

Build a Bug Hotel

Candle Making.jpg

Candle Making

Christmas Crafts.jpg

Christmas Crafts

Clay Crafts.jpg

Clay Crafts

Clay Pot Crafts.jpg

Clay Pot Crafts

Cotton Spool Crafts.jpg

Cotton Spool Crafts

Creative Sewing.jpg

Creative Sewing

Crochet for Beginners.jpg

Crochet for Beginners

Decoupage with Napkins.jpg

Decoupage with Napkins

Decoupage Flower Clock.jpg

Decoupage Flower Clock



Driftwood Crafts.jpg

Driftwood Crafts

Driftwood Crafts with Needle Felting.jpg

Driftwood w/ Needle Felt

Fabric Pomander.jpg

Fabric Pomander

Fabric Pine Cones.jpg

Fabric Quilted Pine Cones

Fabric Flower Wreath.jpg

Fabric Flower Wreath

Framed Pebble Art.jpg

Framed Pebble Art

French Beaded Flowers.jpg

French Beaded Flowers

Fused Glass.jpg

Fused Glass

Halloween Crafts.jpg

Halloween Crafts

Hessian Bags.jpg

Hessian Bags

Intermediate Decoupage.jpg

Intermediate Decoupage

Introduction to Jewellery Making.jpg

Intro to Jewellery Making



Kumihimo Accessories.jpg

Kumihimo Accessories

Lamps & Lanterns.jpg

Lamps & Lanterns

Lego Crafts.jpg

Lego Crafts

Lino Print Making.jpg

Lino Print Making

The Mad Crafters Tea Cups.jpg

Mad Crafter's Tea Cups

Mannequin Pin Cushions.jpg

Mannequin Pin Cushions

Memory Box Creations.jpg

Memory Box Creations

Mosaic Tiling.jpg

Mosaic Tiling

Nature Garland.jpg

Nature Garland

Paper Flower Bouquet.jpg

Paper Flower Bouquet

Polymer Crafts.jpg

Polymer Crafts

Quirky Crafts.jpg

Quirky Crafts

Resin Art.jpg

Resin Art

Revive Ucycled Crafts.jpg

Revive Upcycled Crafts

Rope Crafts.jpg

Rope Crafts

Rustic Crafts.jpg

Rustic Crafts

Scented Bath Bombs.jpg

Scented Bath Bombs

Seasonal Gonks.jpg

Seasonal Gonks

Seasonal Woven Hanger.jpg

Seasonal Woven Hanger

Steam Punk Clock Maker.jpg

Steam Punk Clock Maker

Stick Candle Holder.jpg

Stick Candle Holder

Sweet Treats.jpg

Sweet Treats

Topiary Ball.jpg

Topiary Ball

Wet Felted Bowl.jpg

Wet Felted Bowl

Wooden Crafts.jpg

Wooden Crafts

Digital Courses

Introduction to IT.jpg

Introduction to IT

Digital Card Creator.jpg

Digital Card Creator

Digital Music.jpg

Digital Music

Google Photos.jpg

Google Photos

Google Suite.jpg

Google Suite

Family Frights.jpg

Family Frights

Making Movies.jpg

Making Movies

Business Courses

Create a Youtube Presence.jpg

Create Youtube Presence

Digital Content Creation.jpg

Digital Content Creation

Google Suite for Business.jpg

Google Suite for Business

Sell Your Products Online.jpg

Sell your Products Online

Social Media for Business.jpg

Social Media for Business

Website Creation in Wix.jpg

Website Creation in Wix

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